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#013- The Must-Have Reference Items In Your Oil And Gas Accounting Library with Jim Allison and Robert Toudouze

In today’s episode, Tom and Phil are joined by Jim Allison, Vice President of Accounting Operations at Trinity Petroleum, and Robert Todouze,Revenue and Division Order Manager at Trinity Petroleum. They discuss the different materials that they refer to when they come across issues that they aren’t sure how to handle. They give different examples of how networking through COPAS and other relationships in the industry have helped them navigate unfamiliar situations that have arisen with things like JOAs and unbundling.


2:46 Reference materials that Jim and Robert keep in their library

6:46 The relationship between COPAS and ONRR

10:33 The best way to handle situations you aren’t sure how to manage

12:06 The challenge of interpreting existing regulations

13:44 Resources and references on operations

21:09 The importance of communication between departments in oil and gas

23:17 The value of a COPAS membership when searching for guidance on different questions and issues

31:18 How Jim and Robert facilitate continuous learning inside their company

34:54 Websites to use for reference

About Jim Allison:

Jim’s career in oil and gas started as a roustabout during summers in college. After graduation, Jim went to work for Eastern American Energy working in operations accounting.He was then transferred to the Denver headquarters from their eastern office after a few years. 30 years later, he is the VP of Accounting of Operations for Trinity Petroleum. Prior to that he was also with Oildex, Barrett Resources and Apache Corporation. He previously served as President and Board Member of COPAS Colorado.

Connect with Jim:


[email protected]


About Robert Toudouze:

Robert graduated from Abilene Christian University in 2000 and spent three years in ministry in Aurora, Colorado, working with teens and preaching. He married Carrie in 2003, and started working in oil and gas at Forest Oil and Gas as a revenue analyst. After 10 years at Forest, Robert joined Trinity. He’s been there for eight years as a revenue accountant, revenue supervisor, and now, revenue and division order manager. Robert has been active in COPAS for most of his career, and he served as the revenue co-chair for COPAS in Colorado for three years.

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About COPAS:

COPAS provides expertise for the oil and gas industry through the development of Model Form Accounting Procedures, publications, and education. We are a forum for the active exchange of ideas which result in innovative business and accounting solutions.

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