#019-How To Survive Mergers And Acquisitions with Elizabeth Lions

In today’s episode, Tom and Phil are joined by Elizabeth Lions, coach, speaker, author, and consultant. Elizabeth talks about all things mergers and acquisitions and how she helps her clients navigate that through coaching. She gives tips on how to deal with the initial feelings that can come with learning about a merger or acquisition in your company, advice on the first thing you should do, and why even tough situations can be viewed as opportunities.


0:48 Some statistics on mergers and acquisitions

2:40 The feelings that come along with mergers/acquisitions

4:09 Advice for anyone going through a merger/acquisition

7:41 The two schools of thought of  most people who find out their company is going through a      merger/acquisition, and the third, more uncommon one

9:44 Interacting with new teammates after a merger

17:16 Mergers and social media

18:33 Navigating changes that occur through mergers

23:57 What happens when you get laid off?

29:41 Looking at tough situations as opportunities

About Elizabeth Lions:

 Elizabeth Lions is a three time author, with her latest book “Hear Us Roar – Unapologetic Women Leading in Corporate America” making a big splash. She is a coach, a speaker and consultant to the most powerful executives that keep Corporate America rolling.

Her client list includes individuals from Worldpay, TSYS, Booz Allen, Microsoft, Northrup Grummond, Samsung, Global Payments, Bank of New York, Mellon and many other Fortune 500 companies. She is considered a thought leader for WNET( Women In Payments) and has worked in tandem on women’s leadership programs with the IEEE and WITI.

In 2020, Elizabeth was approached by Forbes, and asked to join the Forbes Women Forum. Additionally, Elizabeth joined forces with Executive Women Forum in Dallas. Elizabeth is a resource, partner and speaker for Women’s Society of CyberFitjsu in Atlanta, which identifies, supports and helps promote women in Cyber Security. Additionally she teaches in the Middle East, Jordan and Dubai, where she primarily taught men leadership fundamentals and has classes on mindfulness and leadership.

Elizabeth’s specialty is helping clients land the promotion, find a new job or simply bring their leadership game to the next level. Elizabeth helps executives calm down and focus on what really matters, and together they end up with astonishing results.

When she isn’t coaching the Who’s Who to help them up their game in leadership, Elizabeth can be found on the back of her husband’s Harley Davidson motorcycle or twisting in the yoga studio for hours on end.

Connect with Elizabeth:


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethlions/

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