#024: The Upcoming North American Petroleum Accounting Conference With Jonathon Fite

In this episode, Tom and Phil are joined by Jonathon Fite, President of Professional Development Institute at the University of North Texas .Jonathon talks about the upcoming North American Petroleum Accounting Conference (NAPAC). The conference will be May 20th and 21st and will have both in person and virtual attendance options. Jonathon discusses how this year’s conference will be different from previous years, and the new innovations that have occurred out of necessity due to Covid-19.


1:40 How Jonathon got into his current role as President of The Professional Development Institute

3:19 NAPAC, how it began, and who benefits from attending

4:28 How this year’s conference will differ from previous years

4:57 Phil talks about the parts of COPAS meetings that he really enjoyed

9:12 This year’s conference focus

10:55 This year’s conference speakers and the topics they’ll cover

16:59 The conference and CPEs

17:46 Some new innovations forced by Covid

19:31 What’s the hallway track?

21:32 The types of vendors at this year’s conference

24:38 More information and how to sign up for the conference

About Jonathon Fite:

Jonathon is the President of the Professional Development Institute at the University of North Texas, where he is also an Operations & Logistics lecturer. Prior to his roles at UNT, he was a Marketing & Supply Chain strategy consultant at Accenture. In 2008 he launched, and continues to manage, a pure pay-for-performance hedge fund. He serves as a Director for the UNT Foundation and TransAtlantic Petroleum, a NYSE listed oil & gas exploration company in Dallas. Jonathon has led several large program teams on complex projects including the HP-Compaq Merger and the Sprint-Nextel Merger. His work includes scoping large transformation programs and developing robust business cases to support change initiatives. He has both a Masters and Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering with a focus in Logistics from the University of Arkansas.


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