#031: How WolfePak Software Automates the Upstream Oil And Gas Industry

This week’s episode of the Oil and Gas Accounting Podcast is part two of a series in which Tom and Phil dive into the different software applications available to operators and accountants in the industry. This weeks features Brent Rhymes, CEO of WolfePak Software. They discuss the different pain points that this software addresses and how they are changing the game for smaller operators using automation.


1:37 Brent Rhymes, software developer and four time CEO

4:02 How WolfePak got started

6:09 The problems WolfePak solves in the upstream industry

8:52 The importance of automation

11:28 Solutions for midstream users

14:23 Other industry segments that WolfePak serves

18:52 New product announcements

20:28 Who WolfePak software is best for

About Brent Rhymes:

Brent Rhymes is the chief executive officer of WolfePak Software, where he has served since 2017. Prior to WolfePak, Brent was the executive vice president of sales and marketing for Synacor, and before that, he served as the CEO of Zimbra (sold to Synacor), CEO of iWave Software (sold to EMC), was the co-founder and vice president of FileKeeper (sold to Yosemite Technologies) and CEO of Software Realization (sold to NetIQ Corporation). Brent started his career as a software developer, consultant and manager with stints at Microsoft, IBM, Exxon and NASA’s Johnson Space Center (IBM contract). He brings more than 31 years of software executive leadership to the team.

Brent received his BS in computer science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and his MBA from the University of St. Thomas in Texas. He currently lives in Abilene and owns Rancho de Rhymes, LLC, a small-scale cow-calf cattle ranch located in West Texas.

Connect with Brent:

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