#044: The Value of Satellite Imagery in Oil and Gas Analysis With Eric Anderson

On this week’s episode, Tom and Phil are joined by Eric Anderson, Chief Technology Officer for SynMax. SynMax uses imagery and data collected by satellites combined with AI to deliver insight to the oil and gas industry that has previously only been modeled or forecasted. This allows producers, hedgers and energy traders the ability to clearly see what’s happening and make better decisions. Eric explains that the perfect combination of factors have come together with the ability to create something really valuable using satellite imagery for the oil and gas industry and many other industries as well.


4:57 The Start of SynMax

7:17 How much it would cost you to buy your very own satellite

12:04 How the data collected by satellites is used

14:02 How satellites have been used in the past

16:39 Why the data provided by these satellites is important

22:03 Other products SynMax offers

22:18 Dark vessel detection

32:51 Tracking emissions with satellites

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