#20-Are You A Folder Or A Crumpler With Drew Groelinger

This week’s episode is a departure from deep oil and gas topics and one that will help you manage the people on your team and life, with a big dose of humor. Tom and Phil are joined by Drew Groelinger, entrepreneurial coach and business owner. Drew’s book titled Folder or Crumpler, highlights two different personalities that show up in an unexpected way. They discuss the traits of both personality types, how they can show up in relationships, and the benefits of knowing how to effectively communicate with each type. Check out the episode to figure out if you are a folder or a crumpler!


01:13 Are you a folder or a crumpler?

2:27 Drew’s background in theater, Disney and Universal attractions

7:59 Drew’s inspiration for writing his book

11:05 Drew’s response on being a crumpler of a folder

17:26 Traits of a folder

17:59 Traits of a crumpler

18:58 Folders and crumplers in personal and business relationships

22:51 How can knowing whether someone is a crumpler or a folder help you to better interact with them?

About Drew Groelinger:

Andrew is an entrepreneurial coach and business owner. He’s also a creative at heart and earned his degree in theater from Carnegie Mellon University. He has working knowledge in acting theory, lighting and sound design, creative storytelling, and stage management. He finds this background incredibly useful in running a successful business and connecting with his customers.

Andrew has owned and operated several companies over the years in industries ranging from specialty construction shops to software development. Now, he runs a company that offers innovative entrepreneurial training programs to business owners. He also writes books sometimes. When he’s not working or writing, Andrew also enjoys running marathons.

He currently resides in South Carolina with his wife, Apryll, and their giant, slobbery Neapolitan Mastiff, Dino.

Connect with Drew:


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